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Development Consulting

Feasibility and Conceptual Design Consulting

Rehab Development will advise or handle all your needs. We will evaluate and provide a comprehensive feasibility study of your land and/or property.

Services include:
Site mapping – We can provide a detailed mapping of the existing building and structures. This will allow for the commencement of architectural schematic design, design development, and/or construction drawings.

Schematic design – Rehab Development will provide a conceptual design of the building/ property that can be used in financial modeling and feasibility studies. This will include rough square footages, basic unit layout, rough site plan, basic engineering, and rough construction and soft cost estimates.

Environmental Review/ Environmental Remediation Services – Rehab Development can help mitigate environmental remediation costs by using years of experience to evaluate and manage remediation and environmental studies.

Financial Modeling

Rehab Development will provide detailed financial proformas for construction/ development projects. We will analyze and project cash flow, debt coverage ratios, long term financial performance and risk associated with new projects. Rehab Developments connection with Rehab Builders, Inc. and Rehab Engineering provides a database of historical cost data with over 50 Rehab/ Reuse/ or Renovation projects and over 15 new construction projects.

Historic Tax Credit Applications

There are several different government programs that can be used to supplement or aid in the financing of a historic rehab project. Rehab Development has extensive experience and vast knowledge in the wide ranging options for government assisted development programs. Rehab Development can determine whether your building will be eligible for Historic Tax Credits and prepare all the necessary applications. Rehab Development can also evaluate whether other programs, grants, or assistance might be beneficial to your project.